Minneapolis, Minn.-based Wirthco Engineering, creator of the Battery Doctor, announced the launch of  the 7 Way Trailer Plug Cover. The product, which tethers to the electrical cord, protects the trailer plug from the elements and conveniently attaches to the cord when it’s plugged in.

“The plug cover was developed to protect trailer plugs on fish houses from our harsh Minnesota winters, but provides protection for any seven-way trailer plug in any climate all year long,” stated Kelly Eagan.

The 7 Way Trailer Plug Cover attaches and stays tethered to any 7 way trailer plug. The cover snaps onto the cord to prevent it from dangling loose when driving down the road.

“This is a very inexpensive way to prevent future problems such as losing your trailer lights or braking capabilities due to a corroded plug,” said Eagan.

The 7 Way Trailer Plug Cover is available in retail packs or in an attractive counter top display.