Wirthco Engineering, home of the “Battery Doctor,” has introduced its new line of USB ports and gauges.

According to a press release, a digital volt meter allows RVers to easily check the condition of batteries, while the USB ports are capable of charging all electronic devices.

“Everybody needs to know the state of charge in their batteries and we all could use another USB port,” states Kelly Eagan, sales and marketing for Wirthco Engineering.

The easy-to-install gauges and ports can be mounted on the interior or exterior of the RV because they are protected from the elements by the weatherproof covers. The LED readouts have a minimal power draw, but the gauges and ports can also be disconnected by installing a switch.

Also available are a DC digital volt meter, dual USB port and dual USB port with volt meter that all mount in a 1 1/8-inch hole and a rectangle backlit dual USB port.