One of the owners of a Wisconsin campground purchased the winning ticket in the $4 million Megabucks Lottery from the family business, according to a report in The Northwestern.
When the Wisconsin Lottery called Lake of the Woods Campground to tell the owners someone had purchased the winning ticket at the park, they knew it wouldn’t be hard to find the winner.
There’s not too much happening at the campground the first week of May, said Mark Scimeca, whose family owns and operates the 240-acre park in Marquette County.
“There were no campers up here. We weren’t even open full-time,” he said.
The Scimecas started going over the list of customers they’d seen in the bar that week. Almost as an afterthought, they decided to check their own tickets. It turned out that as an authorized retail outlet for the Wisconsin Lottery, they had sold themselves the winning ticket.
The Scimecas have not yet revealed which family member holds the winning ticket. They will travel to Madison today (May 11) to collect the prize.
“We were shocked. We almost didn’t believe it. You hear about it happening but you never believe it could be you. We really didn’t believe it for two or two-and-a-half days,” Mark Scimeca said.
The Scimecas have been in the business of selling lottery tickets for years and the family member who purchased the winner routinely buys tickets every week.
Lottery administrators confirmed it’s unusual for a retailer to also be a big winner. “I cannot think of another time when a retailer won the jackpot,” said Jessica Iverson of the Wisconsin Lottery.
Being both the seller and the buyer of the winning lottery ticket has an added financial bonus. The retailer receives 2% of the prize value up to $100,000. That means Lake of the Woods Campground will receive $80,000 for selling the winning ticket, Iverson said.