Greeneway RV Sales and Service, the second largest recreation vehicle dealership in Wisconsin, is expanding its Saratoga business, but not without opposition.
According to a report in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, some of the business’ neighbors in the town of Saratoga believe the company is growing at their expense.
Owner Mark Ferkey has upset neighbors with the removal of trees, as well as a house, to expand his retail sales lot. He has not completed the project, which will include enclosing the sales lot with a $25,000, 6-foot fiberglass fence.
About a half dozen people raised concerns during a recent town meeting with Town Chairman Terry Rickaby, who responded that the issue was “a civil matter.”
A lawyer representing the dissenters said titles for the lots where the expansion will occur are restricted to single-family homes. Rickaby said he had gone to the county Register of Deeds Office to research the subdivision and had verified that the property Ferkey bought is not part of the subdivision.
Ferkey said sales were high enough to support an expansion at Greeneway RV, which he bought 20 years ago. He said his business brings people and money into the community from throughout the Midwest. Along with the expansion, Ferkey has hired three additional employees to handle increased business.