Aerial shot of last year's rally

Aerial shot of last year’s rally

The annual WIT Grand National Rally (GNR) in Forest City, Iowa, might not happen without people like Becky and Butch Moore.

According to a report by the Mason City Globe Gazette, the Moores are WIT’s eastern representatives for the club of Winnebago-brand motorhome and towables owners. The WIT Rally is July 21-25 on the rally grounds at Winnebago Industries Inc.’s complex in Forest City. This year’s theme is Down Under.

Representatives like the Moores “are critical to this event. They supervise hundreds of volunteers who help pull off this event,” said Denise Yeager, Winnebago Industries consumer engagement manager. “(The Moores) especially. They are a liaison to our group of club presidents and presidents association …”

The Moores have been in Forest City since early July. They’ve been busy the past few weeks getting the rally grounds ready for the WIT GNR.

“The big thing is we have so much to plan for,” Butch Moore said.

Volunteers need to measure and mark parking spots for motor homes and towables, greet WIT GNR arrivals and fill dozens of other roles before and during the rally.

“We have early volunteers (to prepare), and we fill volunteers in positions for the rally itself,” Becky Moore said.

Although Yeager’s department with a staff of nine oversees WIT club activities and the GNR, volunteers such as the Moores “are a huge asset.”

“Think of it like a family tree with branches,” Becky Moore said of how WIT club regional representatives, all the volunteers and different Winnebago departments have roles to fill for the annual GNR.

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