The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) inspection staff, along with Vice President of Standards and Education Bruce Hopkins and Director of RV Standards Kent Perkins, met recently with four major wood product supplier companies located in the Elkhart, Ind., area.
The meeting was designed to help RVIA learn about verification methods used to ensure that wood products (plywood/particleboard – raw and finished materials) meet RVIA mandated policies for formaldehyde emissions levels.
The four companies invited the inspection staff to tour their respective facilities, demonstrating how to recognize compliant products and to understand the markings, labeling and other documentation that is being provided.
Before the tours, the RVIA inspection staff met with representatives of the four companies and conducted a three-hour question and answer session that “resolved a number of the issues inspectors have encountered in the field regarding wood products.”
As a result, RVIA said it intends to, as much as possible, eliminate any confusion and provide for the “uniform and consistent enforcement of the RVIA policy” during OEM in-plant inspections.
Armed with the new information, the standards department reported it is in the process of tweaking its emission level policy, currently outlined in Standards News Bulletin RV-33/07, to better address the “real world situations” the inspection staff is witnessing.
RVIA said a revised bulletin will be posted on its website under “Standards” as soon as possible.