Woodall’s Rep Teams will be able to use wireless Internet access when evaluating RV parks and campgrounds nationwide thanks to an agreement with LinkSpot, a provider of wireless Internet access.
Woodall’s uses a network of professionally trained Rep Teams to visit, inspect and rate privately owned RV parks and campgrounds for Woodall’s Campground Directory.
“Woodall’s has always been at the forefront of trends in the industry and by using LinkSpot’s service, our Rep Teams are getting first-hand knowledge of a new technology that is important to park owners and their guests,” said Ann Emerson, associate publisher for “Woodall’s.”
“Woodall’s detailed information and reliable ratings are valued by many RVers,” said Alan Kobran, president and CEO of LinkSpot. “Guests rely on these ratings to know which parks have the in-demand amenities they value. More and more we’re seeing an expectation from guests that parks provide high-speed Internet access.”
Kobran and the other promoters of wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, to the campground sector all believe it is a perfect fit because it costs only one-tenth as much as extending conventional cable or telephone Internet hookups to the remote locations where RV parks typically are located.
Woodall’s is a unit of Affinity Group Inc., as is TL Enterprises Inc., publisher of RV Business and RVBUSINESS.com.