Chuck Woodbury

Chuck Woodbury

Editor’s Note: The following is a column authored by RVtravel.com Editor Chuck Woodbury offering a preview of the annual Quartzsite RV Show.

I’m headed out this weekend in my motorhome to the sunny Southwest (at least I hope it’s sunny). For many RVers, the destination for such a trip is Quartzsite, Ariz., a dusty outpost, population 3,500, with mild winter temperatures and miles of wide open desert lands where they can camp for free or nearly free.

In January, tens of thousands of RVers swarm the area, most camped on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands that surround town. They camp alone or in makeshift gatherings based on shared interests or club memberships. Every-other RV you see has a solar panel or two, others sport a windmill for generating power when the sun isn’t shining (rarely). RVs range from junk heaps that barely move to luxury motor coaches.

Around town, it’s one flea market after another. There isn’t much you can’t buy here, new or used. A lot of it is junk, but there is good stuff, too. Rockhounds find a piece of heaven in Quartzsite, with vendors selling rocks of every shape and color. I don’t know anything about rocks except they’re hard, you can’t eat them, and they sink in water (but not always — and you will find those rocks in Quartzsite, too). Still, there are lots of pretty rocks to admire, even for non-rockhounds like me.

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