Woodland, Calif., has joined the list of municipalities considering restrictions on the parking of RVs and boats in residential areas, according to the Daily Democrat of Woodland.
City Councilman Neal Peart suggested in June that the city’s staff find out what types of restrictions other communities have in place. Peart said the council may be presented with a recommendation in October.
“I said let’s look at the whole picture and come back with something that’s valid and reasonable,” Peart said.
The potential for banning non-motorized vehicles from being parked in yards and driveways has stirred up some controversy and debate in recent months, according to the newspaper.
“The debate has been very good,” Peart said. “Debate is healthy.”
Peart said he has received nine or 10 positive comments for every negative remark about the idea.
“I feel very positive that I work for the majority of the community,” Peart said.
Peart added that he doesn’t own any RV storage facilities in Woodland and doesn’t plan to build any.
He owns three trailers, but none are parked at his residence.
Peart said he respects private property rights, but believes “a reasonable city ordinance is needed to control those from using the front lawn area as a parking lot.”
He added that a majority vote of the five-member City Council would be required to approve any such restrictions.