Emotional appeal, cutting-edge new products and a strong call to action will mark the next round of Go RVing ads, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
The new campaign is being developed by The Richards Group this year for use from 2006 through 2009, representing the fourth set of ads to be produced since the Go RVing campaign launched in 1997.
A creative work group of Go RVing Coalition members met at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., last month to provide direction to the RVIA staff and agency team that will be working on the ads.
During the session, John Baker, brand planning director for The Richards Group, reviewed results of Go RVing research performed this year to lay the groundwork for development of the new campaign. 
The findings demonstrate that the “Pursue Your Passions” theme of the current ads has been memorable to the Go RVing target audience and effective in prompting them to action.
“The single most persuasive idea we can convey is that Go RVing frees you to pursue your passions more often with the folks who matter most,” Baker said.
Since Go RVing’s last communications planning study in 2001, the percentage of prospects who have investigated an RV purchase by visiting a retail show or dealer rose from 44% to 70%, according to Harris Interactive. The Go RVing website became the third most mentioned source of information by these prospects according to the 2004 Harris study, scheduled to be released to the industry next month.
The research also hones in on RV misperceptions and purchase barriers that need to be addressed through the new ads, said Baker. The initial cost of an RV is the biggest deterrent.
“People believe that RVs cost more than they actually do, primarily due to the fact that they are envisioning motorhomes. They often don’t realize that there is an affordable entry for everyone in the market,”  Baker noted.
Prospects also continue to perceive RV owners as being older than they are, although the average age difference is only five years.
“We can change these misperceptions by showing the many exciting new entry-end products available for active young buyers,” said Phillippe Odoom, Director of Marketing, Fleetwood Enterprises.
The work group agreed that cutting-edge new products should be depicted in varied situations to convince new buyers as well as former owners that they would use an RV frequently for short getaways as well as longer trips. 
The research supports that RV usage increasingly extends beyond traditional camping to include tailgating and participating in sports events, shopping expeditions and attending festivals and fairs.
Multigeneration travel was also identified as an emerging trend to be exploited in the ads.
“The new creative will speak to active, adventurous people with diverse interests in a simple, honest way, balancing their emotional longing for the experiences that RVs enhance with the practical considerations of a purchase,” said Glenn Dady, creative group head for Richards.
Rough creative renditions will be generated by Dady and his teams for review in March. Final concepts will be approved in April, and production will take place in July and August.  The new ads will be unveiled to the industry at the Outlook ’06 breakfast at the national show in Louisville in November.