Thousands of “workampers,” those adventuresome individuals and couples from around the U.S. and Canada who work as camp hosts, tour guides and hundreds of other fun jobs while crisscrossing the continent in their motorhomes and travel trailers, will soon be receiving the 100th issue of Workamper News.
“Since our first issue, in September 1987, we conservatively estimate that we have helped more than 70,000 part-time and full-time workers and volunteers find positions with public land-management agencies and the outdoor hospitality industry.” said Publisher Debbie Robus. “When it comes to putting job seekers and employers together, we are considered the leader in the industry.”  
The magazine bills itself as “North America’s guide to working-while-camping,” and through the years, Workamper News has been recognized for its service to both employers and job seekers. It has received recognition from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), the Escapees RV Club, the Good Sam Club, AARP, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), and NBC Nightly News.
Workamper News began as an eight-page black and white newsletter and has grown in both size and scope to a 60-page magazine with full-color cover. Each issue lists job openings at parks, resorts and a wide variety of other places throughout the U.S. and Canada where RVers can park their rigs and work for just a season, or in some cases, year round.
Many workampers enjoy their employment circumstances so much they return to the same job and location year after year.
Workamping offers singles and couples the opportunity to contribute and stay active even in retirement, and for the younger workampers, it offers a lifestyle free of the burdens of home ownership and maintenance, while providing great jobs in great places.
A website was added in 1996 so subscribers could access job openings and volunteer opportunities that become available between issues of the magazine.
Workamper.com also provides online services for both job-seekers and employers, including a resumé database, online version of each issue of Workamper News, forums where workampers share their experiences, a special section for Canadian workampers and a popular online bookstore.
“You’d think that in 16 ½ years and 100 issues, we would have seen it all,” Robus said. “But nearly every day someone contacts us with a new workamping opportunity that we’ve not heard of before.”
She cited as a recent example an inquiry from a piano tuner who wants to travel and tune pianos, while his wife, who is a school teacher, wants to create lessons from the road about historical events and landmarks and post them online for students to view.
“As I told this couple, nearly any kind of job or business can be done from the road in an RV,” Robus said, adding that she encouraged them to run a free “Situations Wanted” ad to promote their skills, abilities and job preferences.
Robus founded Workamper News in 1987 with her husband, Greg, who serves as the editor. With two other full-time employees and six part-time contributors, the couple maintain a hands-on approach to their business, handling much of the day-to-day operations personally.
“We consider workampers to be our family,” Robus explained. “We want to always be accessible to both workampers and the employers who hire them. Thanks to the excellent reputation of workampers as mature, dependable employees and volunteers, I would say that the future of workamping is very bright. And we look forward to our next hundred issues.”