Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

The 4th Annual Workamper Rendezvous, produced by Workamper News Inc. (WKN), is slated for Oct. 21-23 in Heber Springs, Ark. The event is geared toward workampers and those considering becoming workampers, featuring 18 different seminars provided by 15 industry experts.

“Attendees will also benefit from networking – we provide three meals and one round-table session to bring the attendees together and encourage discussions,” said Steve Anderson, WKN president. “We’ll also be doing an RV Home Show so folks can get ideas of different RV layouts along with how RVs can be personalized. We will place an experienced workamper and a workamper employer in the ‘hot seat’ and ask them questions to provide attendees the perspective from those already active in the lifestyle.”

Many presenters offer optional “Bonus Day” sessions the Friday after rendezvous, Anderson said. Here, they will go into greater detail on specific topics like taxes and budgeting, while other experts will work one-on-one with attendees helping them with things from health insurance to handling their smartphone.

For more information, visit workamperevent.com.

Workamper Rendezvous seminars include:

• “The Dreamers Journey to Workamping Discovery!” by Steve Anderson, WKN President & Workamping Coach. Do you have all of the answers and you’re ready to begin your new Workamping lifestyle? Chances are you don’t and if you are like many who have come before you that didn’t take the time for education, they paid the price later. You don’t need to pay that price! You are smarter than most, and you will take advantage of all of the tools and informational resources The Dreamers Journey to Workamping Discovery! makes available to you.

• “My RV Kitchen – Learning to Live Easy in Your RV Kitchen!” by Evada Cooper, The RV Kitchen Expert. Learn how your RV kitchen can provide you all the conveniences of home through understanding how the major appliances work and helping them work more efficiently.

• “Don’t Get Rustled When You Buy Your RV” by Terry Cooper, The Texas RV Professor. Learn the “Top 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Rig.”

• “RV Inspectors Doing It Right! Building a Successful RV Inspection Business” by Terry Cooper, president of National RV Inspectors Association, Mark J. Kohler, attorney/CPA advocate for Americas Entrepreneurs, and Steve Anderson, WKN President & Workamping Coach. During this 90 minute session you will be introduced to the RV Inspection industry that is going to take the buying and selling of pre-owned RVs to a whole new level.

• “Harvesting Healthcare Assistance” by Vicki Hanson, the Medical Madame. In this session, Vicki will take the mystery out of the marketplace, give an overview of Medicare parts and pieces, and discuss domicile considerations and health insurance options.

• “RV Weight & Tire Safety” by Jami & Shane Hess, RV Safety Experts. Is your RV’s weight properly balanced? Find out how to know, and why it’s important.