A second class action lawsuit has been filed by employees of Coburg, Ore.-based Monaco Coach Corp. alleging that they did not receive proper notice following the layoff of 2,600 workers in Oregon and Indiana.

The lawsuit claims that Monaco violated the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act that provides employers must give 60 days notice to workers prior to a plant closing or mass layoff. The lawsuit seeks 60 days wages and benefits in lieu of the notice.

Monaco had stated earlier that additional “unforeseen business circumstances precluded” its ability to give 60 days notice to workers. Among the reasons cited were the economy, record gasoline prices last year, the credit crunch, the declining stock market and rising unemployment.

The legal action is a followup to Friday’s (March 13) filing by former employees of Fleetwood Enterprise Inc. making the same claims.

Fleetwood stated: “We don’t usually comment on pending litigation, but in this case there is a great deal of misinformation which is being disseminated, so we want to be very clear that we provided WARN notices to the affected associates in full compliance with the law, and further that we properly notified the appropriate federal, state and local authorities.”