Workhorse Group Inc., once a factor in the Class A motorhome chassis business last owned and operated by Navistar International Corp., Tuesday (April 28) announced that it has delivered two E-GEN Electric Trucks with Onboard Generator to a major transportation company, and deliveries are currently being made to customers.

The EGen truck represents a zero-emissions, no-transmission, noise-free, smooth-driving, electric vehicle that could significantly reduce vehicle operating costs for the transportation company.

Workhorse, which manufactures electric drive systems for medium-duty class 3-6 commercial truck platforms and can equip its Workhorse chassis with electric, gasoline, propane, or CNG engines, purchased the assets of Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC from Navistar in March of 2013

“Major transportation companies are always looking for sustainability as an integral part of operations,” said Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse Group Inc. “We are encouraged by the positive feedback regarding the performance of our EGen Workhorse truck, and are thrilled that the electric vehicle is making deliveries to customers in the field.”

The advantage of an electric powertrain is zero tailpipe emissions, which helps reduce particulates and nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere, and also offers dramatically lower operating costs for the owner.

“Based on deliveries made, the performance and handling of the E-GEN Workhorse truck has been outstanding,” said Burns. “The E-GEN onboard generator gives the truck many unique advantages over conventional gas and other typical electric vehicles.”

Workhorse E-GEN electric trucks are designed to meet the needs and expectations of daily delivery duty cycles, as well as save delivery fleet buyers fuel and operational costs, dramatically reducing total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the vehicle.

“The E-GEN zero-emission driving experience has the potential to reinvent the local delivery vehicle,” continued Burns. “With the capability of recharging enroute, via the onboard generator, in the event of an unusual event that requires more than the average route length on a given day, range anxiety is virtually eliminated.

Built on the new, narrow track W88 chassis, the E-GEN trucks come with a 60 kWh lithium ion battery pack featuring Panasonic 18650 cells that provide power to a 2200 nm (268 bhp) permanent magnet motor powerful enough to eliminate the need for a transmission. AMP Workhorse E-GEN Trucks are designed to be cost effective, without the need for government voucher assistance.

For more information visit http://www.workhorse.com.