Motorhome enthusiasts can now quickly find almost anything they want to know about the newest brand of diesel chassis on the market, including where to buy it, by visiting Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC’s new R Series section at www.workhorse.com.
Motorhomes built on the all-new R Series diesel chassis manufactured by Workhorse are being sold across the country. The company is training dealer representatives to be ChassisPros – experts on the features and benefits of its diesel engine motorhome chassis. RVers can find a list of these ChassisPros and where dealers are selling motorhomes built on the R Series by visiting workhorse.com and clicking on “RVs” and then on “ChassisPro.”
RVers can also get information and specifications about the R Series at workhorse.com by clicking on RVs,  Workhorse RV Chassis and R Series. This will lead to the new section, which explains the benefits of the chassis and provides complete specs and a list of ChassisPros and their dealerships.
“The W Series (gas engine motorhome chassis) is everywhere, but the R Series is just entering the marketplace,” said Bob Wert, Workhorse vice president of RV sales, marketing and product planning. “We know there’s a pent-up demand for the R Series, so we want this site to help people find knowledgeable sales personnel to assist with their purchase. Once people start finding the R Series and driving, it we expect consumer demand will also make it the popular platform for diesel motorhome buyers.”
Workhorse has been conducting test drives of coaches built on the R Series at major RV rallies over the past year and the consumer reaction has been outstanding, according to the company. Nine out of 10 RVers noted in post-drive surveys that their next diesel motorhome would be built on an R Series chassis, according to a company survey. Initial customer reaction has validated those surveys, Workhorse officials say.
One new R Series owner is Sidney Jacobsen of Cape Coral, Fla. Jacobsen purchased a Damon Ultrasport in early June and has already taken it on a 5,000-mile shakedown cruise that included traversing the Smoky Mountains among other challenging terrain.
“It runs really well,” Jacobsen said. “It rides beautifully and I’m getting 7.8 miles per gallon. It really handled well in the mountains, especially on some of the curvy stretches. With the motor down lower, changing the center of gravity — that made a big, big difference in turning during the mountain drive.”
Jacobsen said he was pleased with the R Series performance.
“Most of the hills I was able to run at 50 to 55 miles per hour and when I had it on cruise for a slow, gradual climb, it never dropped from the speed the cruise was set on. It really pulls nice. It’s a nice combination of handling and performance.”