Recent improvements in the parts operation of Workhorse Custom Chassis has enhanced the profit opportunities for RV service centers while increasing customer satisfaction, according to Workhorse Parts President David Olsen.
“We can quickly provide parts for both the Workhorse and older GM chassis,” Olsen explained. “We know many RV service centers previously had issues with our parts service when it was handled by a third-party provider, but we recently moved the Workhorse parts operation to our own facility, managed by Workhorse people, and in the process resolved many complaints. We now provide timely, first-class service to RV service centers and their customers across the U.S. and Canada.”
To verify service-center satisfaction, Workhorse Parts recently surveyed parts managers throughout the Workhorse service network. More than 80% of the respondents indicated they “agree” or “strongly agree” with the statement that, overall, WCC Parts’ service has improved since July of this year.
“The result is we now have a parts department that meets the standards of excellence Workhorse has achieved with its other products and services,” said Olsen. “Our goal is to maintain a consistent fill rate of 94%, same-day shipment.
“We recognized and rectified the problems of the third party that was previously handling our parts operation, not with short-term Band-Aids but with a long-term solution,” said Olsen. “We invested in a proven parts business that can grow with the company. In so doing, we expanded the call center staff, instituted expanded calling hours, provided instant e-mail notification of shipment, developed a revised electronic, VIN-based parts catalog to debut in the first quarter of 2003. We will do more in the first quarter of 2003. We will also have an additional warehouse in Reno, Nev., to speed West Coast deliveries.”
Steve Evenson, Director of Parts and Service for Winnebago Industries Inc., is pleased with the recent improvements in the Workhorse parts operation. “They’ve done a tremendous job. There’s no question that by making Workhorse parts an internal operation, they’ve eliminated delays in filling orders to better satisfy the customer and our dealer network. And if there’s any issue, they get personally involved,” Evenson said.