Gas and diesel engine chassis supplier Workhorse Custom Chassis (WCC) introduced its new W24 gas engine chassis during the National RV Trade Show, which opened in Louisville on Tuesday (Dec. 2).
The show will continue through Thursday (Dec. 4).
The W24 has a 24,000-pound GVWR, the most carrying capacity for any gas engine motorhome chassis in the industry. It includes a 340-hp GM Vortec 8.1L engine with the beefier Allison 2100 MH 5-speed transmission, which produces 455 foot-pounds of torque.
The Allison 2100 transmission was designed for the higher GVWR, said Dave Olsen, WCC’s president.
Production of the W24 is expected to begin during February and there are Class A motorhomes at the show built by Holiday Rambler, National RV, Georgie Boy and Gulfstream on the W24.
The W24 is an enhanced version of Workhorse’s successful W22 chassis which has a 22,000-pound GVWR. However, the W24 uses only 200 pounds for additional components, which means motorhome manufacturers have 1,800 more pounds of payload capacity they can use to include more features and add more value to the coach, Olsen said.
“The response have been dramatic,” Olsen said. “It’s hitting the market at the perfect time in terms of the OEs (motorhome builders) having floorplans that are really stretching the limits of the existing chassis.”
The W24, most likely, will draw some customers away from WCC’s W22 chassis, but it also will “compete heavily in the low-end of the diesel market,” said Bob Wert, vice president of RV sales, marketing and product planning.
Inititally, motorhome builders will use the W24 for higher-end gas Class A’s but Wert said, “As people drive the chassis and experience the ride and handling characteristics and understand how much more (slideouts and other features) they could get in their motorhome, we’re pretty comfortable that it will migrate down to the more moderate-priced gas Class A’s.”