Gas-engine Class A motorhome chassis supplier Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC reports its market share increased dramatically during the first eight months of this year.

Citing R.L. Polk Class A motorhome registration data, Workhorse’s share of the gasoline engine Class A chassis market climbed from 22% at the beginning of this year to 31% as of August, the company reports.

A big contributor to Workhorse’s gain was the W Series, which includes 20,700-pound and 22,000-pound gross vehicle weight rated (GVWR) units. The W Series grew from less than 1% market share in February to 10% in August, according to the Union City, Ind.-based company.

“One of the primary reasons for this growth is that Workhorse offers a chassis for every size gasoline-powered motorhome,” said Richard Fish, vice president of motorhome sales and marketing. “The introduction of the W Series chassis ensures that. More than 50% of the floorplans employing Workhorse platforms utilize the W Series chassis.”

Currently, there are 20 motorhome manufacturers producing 49 models on Workhorse platforms for model year 2002. The percentage of floorplans manufacturers are putting on the Workhorse chassis also has grown from 39% in model year 2001 to 78% in 2002, Fish added.

Workhorse has gained despite the fact the diesel engine segment has been growing at the expense of the gas-engine portion of the Class A motorhome retail market in recent years.

Diesel-engine units accounted for 34% of the total Class A motorhome retail market in 1999, 39.6% in 2000 and 42.5% during the first seven months of 2001, according to Statistical Surveys Inc.

Workhorse’s only competitor in the gas-engine segment of the Class A motorhome market is Ford Motor Co.