Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC will begin production next week (Sept. 18-22) of the W22, its 22,000-pound gvwr gas engine Class A motorhome chassis, President Tom Frey said.

The W22 will be priced about 8% above the 20,500-pound gvwr Ford Motor Co. F53 chassis, Frey said.

Ford had planned to begin production of a 22,000-pound gvwr version of the F53 in October, although production of the heavier F53 model might be delayed slightly.

Because Ford has not started production of the 22,000-pound gvwr version of the F53, Frey said he does not know how its pricing would compare with the W22.

However, Frey said the W22 is priced 20% below diesel engine Class A motorhome chassis in the 22,000-pound gvwr range.

Frey added that the wholesale demand for Class A motorhomes was off 25% to 30% the last few months and that October will be off about 15% when compared with October 1999.

The wholesale market for Class A’s most likely will be down again in November and Frey anticipates December and January will be flat when compared with a year-earlier.

It appears Class A motorhome volume in 2001 will about equal year 2000 levels, Frey continued.

The market for Class A motorhomes will not improve until interest rates are lowered, he added