Workhorse Group Inc. announced today (May 20) plans to re-enter production of Class A motorhome chassis at its Union City, Ind., plant.

Workhorse stated in a press release that it was one of the leaders in RV chassis during the strong RV marketplace of the mid-2000s. The steady growth back to strong current RV volumes, coupled with industry demand and interest, has resulted in the Workhorse brand re-entering the RV chassis market.

“Our RV manufacturing customers have always relied on the dependability and performance of the Workhorse RV chassis,” said Stoney Steenekamp, president of AMP Trucks Inc., a subsidiary of Workhorse Group Inc. “Today, we believe the RV market is strong once again. With the growing demand we have recently seen, it just made sense for us to begin entering back into production.”

Workhorse intends to ramp up production of the Class A motorhome chassis at the Union City plant, which is currently in limited production of the Workhorse E-GEN vehicle, an EPA-approved electric truck chassis with onboard generator for the medium-duty truck segment. The E-GEN vehicle allows fleet operators to choose gasoline, electric, propane, or CNG fuel options.

The Workhorse RV chassis line will be an improved design, offering both 6.0-liter and powerful 8.8-liter gasoline engines, coupled with an Allison transmission. The 8.8-liter engine is designed to match diesel towing ability and mileage.

“It gives us great delight to once again take our place in the RV chassis market,” continued Steenekamp. “We believe the demand is there, we will be building an improved RV chassis line, and we fully expect our Workhorse W-16 and W-22 Class A Motorhome chassis to quickly be recognized as leaders in the category.”

Previously a division of Navistar, the Workhorse brand along with the Workhorse Union City assembly plant, and a network of more than 400 dealerships were sold to Workhorse Group Inc. in 2013.