Xtend Outdoors announced the launch of custom RV skirting for RVs.

Made of heavy-duty vinyl, the RV skirting endures all kinds of weather elements, according to a press release. It can also withstand heavy winds and so RVers don’t have to worry about uprooting.

The RV skirting, which runs on all sides of the RV, also insulates the interior temperature, cutting down on costs for heating or cooling the RV while also keeping pipes from freezing. 

Other features include:

• Allows for extra storage by utilizing uncovered space in the RV. 

• The RV skirting come in bags so that it can be easily transported.

• Installation of the RV skirting by Xtend Outdoors is performed right at the camping site.

For more information visit: https://www.xtendoutdoors.com