The bet that Zamp Solar made three years ago on U.S. manufacturing paid off this month, when the company was acquired by PulseTech Products Corp. of Southlake, Texas, for an undisclosed amount.

As reported by the Bend (Ore.) Bulletin, the deal with PulseTech will keep Zamp’s administration, engineering and assembly operations in Bend while bringing an infusion of capital to help Zamp keep up with runaway growth and enter new markets, General Manager Conor Miller said. Zamp makes solar-panel modules and battery-charging kits for off-grid uses, primarily recreational vehicles. But there’s potential for growth in agricultural and industrial uses, and that’s where PulseTech comes in.

The Texas company has proprietary charging technology that extends the life of 12-volt and 24-volt batteries by preventing corrosion. ­PulseTech devices are sold to a variety of industries, including the U.S. military. The fact that Zamp Solar is one of the only companies making solar panels for off-grid uses in the United States made it a very attractive acquisition, PulseTech founder Pete Smith said. “We think we can use that to penetrate markets we wouldn’t otherwise.”

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