Bend, Ore.-based Zamp Solar and Cirrus Solutions announced the initial training schedule for its Zamp Solar technician training program in partnership with Zamp Solar. 

According to a press release, the training is part of a program that will allow RV technicians and dealerships to become Zamp certified sales, installation and service centers. The initial sessions are scheduled for Sept. 6-7 and Sept. 13-14 at the Cirrus Learning Center (CLC) in Reno, Nev.  Self-paced and web classes are also available. 

For more details and to register for attendance, visit http://cirrussolutions.com/CLC/Zamp-Solar-Certification-Course.

The CLC, opened earlier this year, specializes their training to include:

  • RV customer 101 courses.
  • New and current RV technician certification courses.
  • Partner and industry training, including vendors, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Cirrus Solutions DMS dealers and end-users.

The CLC team is led by Director of Training Sam Cruz. He brings 16 years of experience and knowledge in conceptualizing and implementing training programs for lean operational workflow in fleet and dealership service departments. Cruz is a member of the RVTI focus group for curriculum and credentialing, lean Six Sigma black belt, certified project manager and certified RV technician.

Zamp Solar’s product line features deluxe roof mount solar panels and portable solar panels, including anti-reflective glass, proprietary Omni-Mount frame and fused SAE leads. 

Zamp Solar’s solar panels will recharge an RV and allowing users to adventure further off grid while increasing the life of your batteries by up to 300%.

Vice President of Sales Smokey White noted, “We are proud of what Zamp Solar has done and very excited about our future. Our strong commitment to our customers and to our quality ‘Made in America’ products has earned us a dedicated following exemplified in our Zamp explorers and strong partnerships with OEMs such as Airstream and Winnebago and aftermarket players like NTP and Battery Systems.”