SunSparks kit PR picZebra Energy has introduced the SunSparks Solar Charging System, allowing RVers to economically and easily keep RV batteries charged. According to a press release, the system uses solar panels mounted on the vehicle’s roof, which are connected to the house battery bank through a charge controller.

A SunSparks System works in conjunction with existing equipment and is expandable and scalable to individual needs, providing a generating capacity of 150 to 450 watts. The SunSparks Plus kit also includes a wall-mounted LCD monitor, which lets you easily keep tabs on system performance and battery capacity.

Gideon Needleman, Zebra Energy’s CEO, noted, “We designed the SunSparks Solar Charging System to really allow RVers to live the dream. You bought an RV to be out in nature — and now you can finally go wherever you want for as long as you want without driving around all day to get another drink of diesel.

“With the SunSparks System, you can power your RV’s appliances and your personal electronic devices while camping for months at a time. The money you save on a few months’ worth of fuel pays for the SunSparks System. And the feeling of freedom it gives you is priceless.”

Zebra Energy offers a wide range of solar panels and accessories for off-grid use sold through a network of dealers. Contact Zebra Energy for more information.